Thursday, 4 March 2010

Five top moments in Colombia - 5

Not only my top moment in Colombia but one of the most remarkable experiences of my life: Again, the setting was downtown Medellín. I met a young man there in March 2009, at a particularly bad time for murders of street people. He told me he had come from Bogotá, that he was a drug addict and that he had studied theology in the past. All we did was chat to him and give him bread and jam, and hot chocolate. Months later, I was at a concert held in a church in the centre. A smartly-dressed young man came up to me and said in English, do you remember me? It was the young man I had met in March. We spoke briefly and made an arrangement to meet up the next day. He was living with his mother about 20 minutes from the seminary. Over three or four hours I heard their story, with mother and son taking turns to tell their side. He said that that meeting had been a turning point for him – it was as if you had given me the Holy Spirit with the bread and jam, he said. He was able to get back into contact with his family, find a church, go to a rehab centre, in short, to start again. That Sunday, the day I heard his story, was my best day in Colombia.

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Chris said...

What a wonderful testimony! I happened to be reading a book about Colombia this summer and remembered your blog from one of your comments posted at 22 Words.

The book I'm reading is Rescue the Captors by Russell Stendal. Do you ever run into any of the people he works with in Colombia?