Monday, 1 February 2010

Five top moments in Colombia - 4

I helped to distribute bread and hot chocolate in downtown Medellin. We had a lot of contact with a group of young adult men who live on the streets and are addicted to sniffing glue. For months they nagged us to bring along a football so they could play a match with the lads who came along to help give out the bread and chocolate. Finally, a ball was found and we picked a street for the match to take place in. Frankly, I didn't have high expectations for the game. The streets boys have an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle, and live in a context of extreme violence, so I felt the chances of a good, clean game of football were pretty low. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. The game flowed from end to end, there was maybe one bad tackle in a couple of hours of play and you couldn't tell the street boys from the volunteers, either in terms of their fitness levels or their skills. The final score was something like 9-8 and it all ended in handshakes and hugs at about midnight. 'This is the kingdom of God,' I thought.

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