Friday, 4 December 2009

My Top Five Places in Medellín (5): La Terminal del Norte

Finally, we have a winner. For a long time I hesitated between two candidates for my favourite place in Medellín, but a couple of weekends ago I realised that there was another place, not very special in its own right, but the first step in many memorable outings, that was my favourite spot in Medellín.
But first of all the two runners up are, 1) the Botanic Gardens, a safe place to enjoy beautiful flowers, trees and butterflies:
and (2) the Museo de Antioquia, more for the space itself, and the lovely café, than the excellent art:But the winner is the bus terminal in the north of the city. I beganlots of adventures here, late at night, ready for a 6 to 12-hour journey to somewhere new and exciting, or a return vist to old friends. Add the fun of seeing how they spelled my name on the ticket this time, the end-of-term feel of travelling with students and the chat from the ever-cheerful Colombian travellers and you have the ultimate gateway to adventure.

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