Friday, 18 December 2009

Five top moments in Colombia - 1

You might have worked out that I like these kinds of lists. So, to finish off my reflections on life in Colombia, five key moments.
Number 1, arriving in Santa Rosa.
Santa Rosa is the community on the coast where we built latrines last year. We were meant to have gone as a team to meet the people but things had gone horribly wrong earlier in the day. Two of the lads, including my co-leader Gabo, had hurt themselves falling off a motorbike, so in the end, I was despatched to make the first contact, along with Xiomara, the engineer from the NGO we were going to work with. The people were waiting to meet us and as we sat in the gloaming they told us about their lives, when they had been displaced and from where, how long it took to grow yucca and rice, where their children to get to school, how dirty the water was… I can’t quite put my finger on why it was so lovely but maybe it was the location, nestling at the foot of wooded slopes, or the graciousness of the people, or my sense of God starting to put things together at the end of a traumatic day.

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