Monday, 2 February 2009

What people call me here

Here are some of the names, titles and endearments that people use for me here:

My name
Fiona, but with a short o sound - as in log

Variations on my name
Fion, Fi, Fionita, Fionis

By my students
Profe (short for profesora = teacher), teacher, hermana (=sister)

By younger colleagues and officials
Doña Fiona

Mostly by men and boys (use if you want to know what they mean)
Princesa, Mi Reina, Mi Amor, Niña, Señorita, Señora, Madre, Madrecita, Tía, Mamita, Mami, Nena

By people in the street wanting to attract my attention and do so by drawing attention to my lighter skin
Mona (if I were black they would call me Negra)
Political correctness has not reached Colombia - one day I'll blog about the names used here for overweight, disabled, partially sighted, and indigenous people.

(The picture was taken about six months ago - since then the tan has faded slightly.)


Anonymous said...

What Michael calls you: Fioentschen. Also quite good. :-)

Abul-Hasan said...

In fact, the Egyptian teachers used to call you Afiona ( a piece of opium) and Fionka ( rippons ). Hope you are safe and happy in Colombia. We are in Ramadan now in Egypt.