Monday, 19 January 2009

Seeing things both ways

I was in Scotland for Christmas and New Year. Everything there still felt familiar but I realised I was seeing everything through different eyes. For example, I noticed that everyone drives terribly politely and stays tidily in their lane, and that there are no motorbikes and scooters nipping in and out of the traffic.
I watched the Christmas cookery programmes and the one that caught my attention was with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (and yes, I did have to check how to spell his name). He went to a farm in the countryside to shoot a deer for Christmas dinner. As I watched, I reflected that in Colombia, watching the same scene, I would be wondering if that was a part of the country affected by the conflict, whether there were guerilla or paramilitaries or the army over the next hill, whether the land was being used to grow coca or had been fumigated and whether there was a risk of landmines.
But those initial vivid impressions faded and as the three weeks passed, everything felt as familiar and normal as it had always done.

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Ruby said...

Hi Fiona!
Glad you were able to have a brief visit to the UK - hope you didn't do too much chasing around trying to see people! For me, I managed to have some family time in Argyll and Hogmanay in Edinburgh.