Saturday, 24 May 2008

Give us this day our daily bread

One thing I have noticed here is a subtly different attitude to food. This is because, in a land of plenty, where the supermarkets are as well-stocked as any in Europe, people around me are going hungry. One consequence is that food is never wasted: a colleague of mine froze the leftovers from an event she was at in the United States, knowing they would be thrown out, and brought them back in her hand luggage to share with friends here.
Some students in the seminary pay for a breakfast and lunch six days a week, but often can't afford anything to eat in the evening, and some families are subsisting on bread and milk. But, Colombians are generally so positive and upbeat, that I am only realising very slowly how much need there is right on my doorstep. Sharing with those in need takes on a different dimension when it is people you see every day and not the faceless poor at the other end of a charity donation.
I eat lunch with the students from Monday to Friday and this was my main meal on Friday: rice, stew and yucca (the yellow stuff).

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Catherine said...

Oh, Fiona, are you developing a taste for Yukka? Show us the delicious stuff too...
Catherine K-D