Friday, 18 April 2008

The things people say

Here are five things people have said to me since my arrival in Colombia - my translations from the original Spanish.

Are we really going to New York? A little girl at an English workshop entitled A Trip to New York

I understand most of what you say in class but I wouldn't if you weren't using your hands. A student, talking about me using English most of the time in class. Thank you, all my Sign Language Teachers.

With you time goes backwards - you look younger as time passes. A student, commenting on my new haircut.

That's very first-world-ist. A Colombian colleague, on my comment that British people weren't very good at learning languages, as we expected everybody else to learn English.

People are very reserved in Europe, aren't they? Another Colombian colleague.

And finally, while I was taking the photo of the pretty red leaf, the head maintenance man asked me what I was doing. I showed him the picture and he said,"That's come out well, and it's got its message, too."
I am still trying to work out what he meant.

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Michael said...

Yes, I like the comment that people are very reserved in Europe - we need some latin American flavor in Europe. Fiona, bring us back that flavor!