Monday, 31 March 2008

Where is Fiona?

There was a special children's party at the Seminary this week and I happened to be around when the cake was being decorated. It was decided that the cake should have a Shrek theme and all went well until it was discovered that Princess Fiona was nowhere to be found. It was a bit surreal to hear the following conversation: Child: "I can't find Fiona!" Mum: "Well, look for her again!" Child: "We've lost Fiona"... and so on. My offer to paint myself green and wear funny ears was not accepted, thankfully. Here's the final version of the cake, minus Fiona.
PS For those not in the know, Princess Fiona is the love interest in the Shrek films. I have found it a great help here to be able to say that my name is Fiona, like Princess Fiona in Shrek. But everybody still has a terrible problem spelling Christie.

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